Friday, 16 October 2015

Holiday Highlight

On the first week of the holiday I went to my auntys house . it was for  my cousin Mcdivitt 11th birthday . We had a BBQ and for his cake we had a cheesecake which was so yum we were play tag , basketball and racing. I had a lot of fizz drinks.When I was racing I came 2nd place and I got a bar of chocolate. Who came first place it was Sophie my aunty which is the same age as me.When I was eating we were saying mama jokes and in one of my mama jokes were your mama is so dumb she tried to drown a fish.

Then the next day we went to Parakai pools on a hot day which was cool and fun and I just wanted to jump in the pool .My uncles were doing booms . Me and my family had a race I came 10th we were playing games like how long you can hold your breath and me my Aunty Sophie and my cousin Skye were cheating because when they put there head up we put our head down it was funny because when we come up they say let's
do it again and we did it for five times then we went on the hydroslide and it was cool when me and my Aunty Sophie we went at the same time and it was cool because I was going on the sides it was funny to because when we were going down the slide we were saying jokes.

on a the second week on a Thursday me and my mum and sisters went to otahuhu and we went somewhere to have a feed what I had was 5.50$ combo which was so yum and there was games there and me and my sisters were playing some games But I wasn’t play any games I was cran machine try to get the cowboy ruby ball then we went to red rat and got cloths and shoes we were looking around and found  some cool shoes  then when we were finished we went to the warehouse and was buying some stuff like blankets for my room , pitcher and a necklace to for me when we were just going these people ask if we wanted to colour in a coffee cup so we said yes so we were coloring in and after that we went to my auntys house for my uncle's

Then the next day I was watching movies like inside out,san andreas,mad max fury road , minions and book of life. While I was watching the movies I was eating junk like coke,chocolate,ice cream and lollies.Then I went to sleep.And woke up and dinner was ready.

My favourite part was going to parakai pools because on that day it was so hot and it was nice to cool off in the pool.

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