Monday, 22 June 2015

Friday, 19 June 2015

Fractions of Groups

Walt: Solve number problems with fraction

Fraction Word Problem


What do you like about basketball? I like how we get to warm up and play a game. The basketball coaches teach us new skills.“”I’m going to tell you two skills that I love learning.Our coaches are Vinnie and Shanice.

Well I was warming up I was so hot it felt like lava was on me.I felt so excited that is was like a crazy monkey finding a banana
One skill is the giraffe, what you do is when you shoot the ball with one hand and  the other one is aiming, and you bend your knees. The other skill is go fishing, how you throw the ball up and make it come
back . Those are the two things that I love doing at basketball.

My favorite part of basketball is when we got to learn new skills like go fishing and more

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Friday, 12 June 2015

Marble Marvels

Two Thirds of Seventy eight = twenty six 

because  three x twenty six =78

one quarter of 232 =58 because 

one quarter of 200 =50

one quarter of 32 =8 

Walt:Solve number problems with fractions

In the beginning

there was nothing but only dark then something happen there was a twitch,a shudder,a shake,and a ting curl
then papatuanuku and ranginui and when he open his there eyes they were a wake and they looked at each other and became man and wife

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Winter is here

Winter started on the first of June on Monday, which was queen's birthday.  Almost every morning there is fog everywhere and the grass is icy. Most of the time we can’t do much because it’s rainy and stormy or it's just too cold. It’s sometimes sunny. Winter is so cold it is so freezing , wet and you can get sick and somehow you can die when you're night I can hear the cold wind howling

Monday, 8 June 2015

Kutai Fritters

Write a paragraph explaining three new words you have learnt today and what the meanings are for these words.
what word I learnt was kutai which  means mussels
kotore moana which means sea anemone

and taihoa which means wait Write a paragraph explaining three new words you have learnt today and

Friday, 5 June 2015

Blindfold Games

Have you ever played a game called blindfold game ? but it isn’t just a blindfold game.I am going to tell you how to play this game. 

 What you do in this blindfold game, you get a blow of rice and put safety pins in and you blindfold the person.They have to pick out the safety pins and there were 20 pins in each bowl.and you need lots of people and You only have 1 minute to try and get 20 safety pins out. I got 10 “safety pin out” but I was close. 

The highest was 15 Flynlay and Andrew. It was hard because the safety pins felt like rice so I was mostly picking friends were saying that I had heaps but then I just put them back in the bowl and they said I just had some in my hand. 

 What I felt like was excited because I thought that I was going to get all of them but really I didn’t get much my but the best part of the blindfold game was when it was my friends turn.