Wednesday, 4 November 2015

e-AsTTle Writing Test - October

Have you  played a food challenge before? well our whole team 4 played the food challenge in the morning. We had to get a buddy and one person had to eat the food without touching it with there hands and the other person had to be the person hand when we were.Starting I was nervous and kind of excited too because when it was  me and my buddy machelle turn I was shaving it in her face and and when she was eating the weet bix with whip cream some of the whip cream.

And cram of weet bix was falling out of her mouth when she was still eating the weet bix I told her to eat the apple and when she ate the apple nearly her whole mouth went on it and then when we were finish the table was so messy there were people laughing and saying eww and  when we were finished there were. Cream,Weetabix on the table and it smelt like spew and there was cream on people's face and in there nose to.

Some people were cheating by using their hands and eating it. When it was my turn to eat it I was scared and when we started eating machelle grabbed the weetbix and shaved it in my mouth and when I was eating it it was so dry and disgusting that I was going to spew then when it came to the apple I didn’t want to eat it but I only took one bite then it was over when we were. Finished I ran to the toilet and spit it all out when I was spitting it out there was some spew on the seat of the toilet and was washing my mouth and I could hear. Some girls spewing and it smelt in there so bad that I had to hold my breath.

But there was still weetbix stack in my teeth and in my friends to some girls told me that they were going to spew when they were eating the weetbix and cream.
I was going to use my hands but then I felt like spewing I wanted to just run in the girl's toilet and spew.    

How I felt was sick and thinking of just spewing on the table I looked on the side of me and saw my friend. Laughing when she was eating I was going to say wouldn't you choke.