Friday, 31 July 2015

Anthony's Notice

Walt: Infer and interpret the main ideas in the story

this story is about a boy call Anthony and he is trying to make money for his ski trip so he is asking people if they need a mower

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

number problems 2

Walt: Solve number problems using more than one strateg

number problems

WALT: Solve number problems by using more than one strategy.
problem one first strategy 34 + --- = 192
34 + 58 is 92  
so i know that
34 + 158 = 192
so the answer is 158
second strategy
34 + 50 = 84
and 84 + 8 = 92
so i did 34 + 150 = 184
and 184 + 8 = 192

problem two
27 + 3 = 30  my answer is 84 because
30 + 30 = 60
60 + 6 = 66
66 + 10 = 76
7 6 + 8 = 84
second strategy
27 +30 = 57
57 + 9 = 66
66 + 10 = 76
76 + 8 = 84

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Holiday Highlight OR Immersion Assembly

on the first day I was having a girls night out and we were playing with make up and dressing up we were sing and be crazy and taking selfies and having junk and painting nail and we were putting on song mostly selena gomez songs

 then the next day I went to go and see my little cousin because he had the cough and it was so sad and I wasn’t mostly holding him because he might give me the cough but i did hold him once and I was so sad when he was cough

 me and my family went to matariki and was taking a lot of photos and was and did you know that matariki is the celebration of the maori new year and now I know when matariki is so matariki starts on 18 of june and ends at 18 of july

 And on saturday we had my cousin kadis birthday he was turning 5 year’s old it was cool because when it was dark we had glow stick and was playing in the dark we were lighting up fireworks and they were so loud

 then on sunday we went to the pools and we were trying to get my uncle but he was to fast and when we got him we were holding on to him and he was try to ran away then he was dragging as in the water it was fun and cool when we went to go in the cold pool we were doing handstand but I lost because there was so water coming in my nose

 And when we went back home we were playing and my aunty said when it is 5:00 clock we are going to the movies we were going to watch minions but it was full so we watch inside out it was so cool and funny my favorite character was joy,fear and disgust because they are so funny.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

After the storm

when Jessie , Matthew and Sam went to to go and get some pine cones there was a den and there were heaps of pine cone and Sam said wait there is a another pine cone but it was a kitten skull it was so sad and Jessie
said put it back now then she ran back home when they had the fire jessie was still sad but then mattaw, Sam and there dad made her happy by saying lets decorate the den

Equalising Fractions

W.A.L.T : Identify and compare fractions