Friday, 24 October 2014

cyber smart

Do you know what use my brain use my I’m going to be cyber smart  means? I do pt england school has it as a korero that means that we always say it. So we can remember to use our brain our heart and cyber smart.

use my brain
use my brain means that if someone sent you nasty email messages. Then take a screenshot and send it to your teacher
for example. you should think before you say or do, be smart,
if you have hard thing to do and you don’t want you do it. you should use your brain and try it.

use my heart
use my haert mean that never gave up and try your best
for example. try your best at the test, be brave, do 100 %
in your work and alway think  ahead.

I’m going to be cyber smart  

be nice to people online for example.  D.L.O means digital learning objects

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  1. You did very to explain what this korero means. Remember to include some examples with your paragraphs.