Monday, 5 December 2016

Ricky Baker

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When he has his soccer uniform on                      when he has his school uniform on

Character traits:nice,helpful,popular,Brainy
Name:Ricky baker
Location:21 jump street in rio
M/F: Male
Skin colour: brown
Hair colour: black
What make her special/unique:soccer pro and pro at hacking
age: 15
What he loves doing: soccer,hacking and hanging out with friends and family
College:Rio hondo college

There was a boy that was 15 years old he loves soccer he is Maori,French,Mexican,Irish and he is nice, helpful, popular, brainy his name was Ricky Baker he lived with his dad in 21 jump street in rio because his dad was a plays for the Real Madrid C.F.  and a soccer coach he teaches 12 and 13 year olds.he lives with his dad Because his mum Sadly died with his little baby sister a long time ago  But now he’s thinking about his future to make his family proud of him.

Three things he is really good at and special
about him is he is a soccer pro like his dad and a hacking pro. Nobody knew about him hacking and. He was a school person he loved doing and finishing off his work.

One humid day he had a soccer game and his team and him had went against a tough team, they were only tough because they’ve been playing for years ever since they were 5 years old ricky baker and his team mates have been playing soccer ever since he was 7. Ricky Baker was so nervous but he was thinking but his best friend,Terry Teo that had been telling him “ghee it’s alguds remember all those trophies you won and all those goals you got”.Ricky baker was thinking about his mum and how proud she would be if he won.His face was red his tears were running down his face like waterfalls he didn’t want to see his friends cry because of him so he wiped up his tears and did some push ups so ne can stop thinking about sad things his coach called him because they were about to start

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  1. Hi Daniella,
    I like how you have added so much information in to this post and i like how you have put in all the details in about the characters....