Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Ambassador Application 2015

Kia Ora. my name is Daniella . I’m 10 years old and in class 9 at pt england school. My favorite subjects is writing and my favorite sport is basketball. I have two sisters Mya and Shaina. Mya is the youngest and Shaina is the middle child and I’m the oldest. Mya is 3 year old and Shaina is 7. I want to be an Ambassador because I want to do new things like learning about different countries that I have not yet been to. I want to welcome people and show them around our beautiful school. I’m proud to be from pt england school. Here is a blog post that I’ve made to show Learn Create and Share.

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  1. I wish you well in your application to be an ambassador Daniella. I'm so glad that you are giving it a go!