Friday, 27 May 2016

Nail & Wool art

Wow look at my Nail Wool art It wasn't hard nailing them but when we had to put the wool on it was kind of hard because it will always get stuck on the nails 
steps how to make it 
1. nail the nails into the wood but not to hard
2. cut so wool and  tie it around a nail wrap it around the nails

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

way to help others make kindness go viral

way to help others make kindness go viral
Giving them my love
Supporting them 
Listening to them
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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

As I See It

  • When we went in the hall to sit down i was really excited to see every team's item my favourite one was team 4 it was really funny because team 4 teacher were dressed like superhero and were fighting a teddy bear the name of all of the super hero were wondering women,bat guy,team leader america and all together they are called the teacher vengers and there were other team called the amateurs they were going to fight baxindine but he was to strong when the movie was finished it.

  • Team 5 item.Miss Berry was Red,Mrs Tele’a was Bule, Miss Garden was Green , Miss Sadler was Yellow.they were having a race Miss Tele’a was in a cardboard box and Miss Garden was in a sack, Miss Berry was row on the stage it was so funny how Mrs Tele’a was trying to push Miss Garden away from the finish line and she poked Miss Garden in the nose and Miss Garden hit her in the forehead.but soft  

  • After all the amazing items I had pins and needles .When assembly was finish I when we were going i took a big stretch