Friday, 4 December 2015


WALT: study information (data), collect it, summaries and present it.

My maths class has been learning all about how to make a graph. What we also learnt about was that we had to try and find information about things and other peoples. To make a graph we had to make a new google form first we had to go to our google drive and make a new google form.

What we did next we had to get other different peoples to fill our forms in.
The most favored singer is Selena Gomez the second singer was Demi Lovato. Then 2pack, Bruno mars the least vote was Justin beiber

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

e-AsTTle Writing Test - October

Have you  played a food challenge before? well our whole team 4 played the food challenge in the morning. We had to get a buddy and one person had to eat the food without touching it with there hands and the other person had to be the person hand when we were.Starting I was nervous and kind of excited too because when it was  me and my buddy machelle turn I was shaving it in her face and and when she was eating the weet bix with whip cream some of the whip cream.

And cram of weet bix was falling out of her mouth when she was still eating the weet bix I told her to eat the apple and when she ate the apple nearly her whole mouth went on it and then when we were finish the table was so messy there were people laughing and saying eww and  when we were finished there were. Cream,Weetabix on the table and it smelt like spew and there was cream on people's face and in there nose to.

Some people were cheating by using their hands and eating it. When it was my turn to eat it I was scared and when we started eating machelle grabbed the weetbix and shaved it in my mouth and when I was eating it it was so dry and disgusting that I was going to spew then when it came to the apple I didn’t want to eat it but I only took one bite then it was over when we were. Finished I ran to the toilet and spit it all out when I was spitting it out there was some spew on the seat of the toilet and was washing my mouth and I could hear. Some girls spewing and it smelt in there so bad that I had to hold my breath.

But there was still weetbix stack in my teeth and in my friends to some girls told me that they were going to spew when they were eating the weetbix and cream.
I was going to use my hands but then I felt like spewing I wanted to just run in the girl's toilet and spew.    

How I felt was sick and thinking of just spewing on the table I looked on the side of me and saw my friend. Laughing when she was eating I was going to say wouldn't you choke.   

Friday, 16 October 2015

Integers Followup 1 T4 Wk1

Holiday Highlight

On the first week of the holiday I went to my auntys house . it was for  my cousin Mcdivitt 11th birthday . We had a BBQ and for his cake we had a cheesecake which was so yum we were play tag , basketball and racing. I had a lot of fizz drinks.When I was racing I came 2nd place and I got a bar of chocolate. Who came first place it was Sophie my aunty which is the same age as me.When I was eating we were saying mama jokes and in one of my mama jokes were your mama is so dumb she tried to drown a fish.

Then the next day we went to Parakai pools on a hot day which was cool and fun and I just wanted to jump in the pool .My uncles were doing booms . Me and my family had a race I came 10th we were playing games like how long you can hold your breath and me my Aunty Sophie and my cousin Skye were cheating because when they put there head up we put our head down it was funny because when we come up they say let's
do it again and we did it for five times then we went on the hydroslide and it was cool when me and my Aunty Sophie we went at the same time and it was cool because I was going on the sides it was funny to because when we were going down the slide we were saying jokes.

on a the second week on a Thursday me and my mum and sisters went to otahuhu and we went somewhere to have a feed what I had was 5.50$ combo which was so yum and there was games there and me and my sisters were playing some games But I wasn’t play any games I was cran machine try to get the cowboy ruby ball then we went to red rat and got cloths and shoes we were looking around and found  some cool shoes  then when we were finished we went to the warehouse and was buying some stuff like blankets for my room , pitcher and a necklace to for me when we were just going these people ask if we wanted to colour in a coffee cup so we said yes so we were coloring in and after that we went to my auntys house for my uncle's

Then the next day I was watching movies like inside out,san andreas,mad max fury road , minions and book of life. While I was watching the movies I was eating junk like coke,chocolate,ice cream and lollies.Then I went to sleep.And woke up and dinner was ready.

My favourite part was going to parakai pools because on that day it was so hot and it was nice to cool off in the pool.

Hochstetter Land Snail

WALT: Use clues in text to help us understand new words

Monday, 12 October 2015

Team 4 inquiry : PES survivors

This term our inquiry is called " survivors". We are going to be learning about animals,creatures and living things and how they adapt to survive in their environment.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Monday, 14 September 2015

T3W8 Integers Fraction Problems

W.A.L.T: Solve fraction problems using our knowledge of multiplication and division facts

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

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Monday, 24 August 2015

fractions facts

Walt: Solve number problems using fractions

This week we have been doing Fraction Facts like 3/4 of 20 = 15 because 
1/4 of 20 = 5
1/4 of 20 = 5
1/4 of 20 = 5 
5 + 5 + 5 = 15 
3 x 5 = 15

Convert decimals to fractions

WALT: we are learning our decimals to fractions

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

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Adding Decimal Tenths

this year room 8 math class is doing a math club and we are doing decimal numbers this is to show you what i know about decimals numbers to do with tenths. like 0.1 = 1/10  and like 1.78  like the one before the decimal point is a ten and after the decimal point is a

Monday, 3 August 2015

folowup week 2

Walt: Solve number problems using more than one strategy.

this term we are try to use more then one strategy 

Friday, 31 July 2015

Anthony's Notice

Walt: Infer and interpret the main ideas in the story

this story is about a boy call Anthony and he is trying to make money for his ski trip so he is asking people if they need a mower

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

number problems 2

Walt: Solve number problems using more than one strateg

number problems

WALT: Solve number problems by using more than one strategy.
problem one first strategy 34 + --- = 192
34 + 58 is 92  
so i know that
34 + 158 = 192
so the answer is 158
second strategy
34 + 50 = 84
and 84 + 8 = 92
so i did 34 + 150 = 184
and 184 + 8 = 192

problem two
27 + 3 = 30  my answer is 84 because
30 + 30 = 60
60 + 6 = 66
66 + 10 = 76
7 6 + 8 = 84
second strategy
27 +30 = 57
57 + 9 = 66
66 + 10 = 76
76 + 8 = 84

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Holiday Highlight OR Immersion Assembly

on the first day I was having a girls night out and we were playing with make up and dressing up we were sing and be crazy and taking selfies and having junk and painting nail and we were putting on song mostly selena gomez songs

 then the next day I went to go and see my little cousin because he had the cough and it was so sad and I wasn’t mostly holding him because he might give me the cough but i did hold him once and I was so sad when he was cough

 me and my family went to matariki and was taking a lot of photos and was and did you know that matariki is the celebration of the maori new year and now I know when matariki is so matariki starts on 18 of june and ends at 18 of july

 And on saturday we had my cousin kadis birthday he was turning 5 year’s old it was cool because when it was dark we had glow stick and was playing in the dark we were lighting up fireworks and they were so loud

 then on sunday we went to the pools and we were trying to get my uncle but he was to fast and when we got him we were holding on to him and he was try to ran away then he was dragging as in the water it was fun and cool when we went to go in the cold pool we were doing handstand but I lost because there was so water coming in my nose

 And when we went back home we were playing and my aunty said when it is 5:00 clock we are going to the movies we were going to watch minions but it was full so we watch inside out it was so cool and funny my favorite character was joy,fear and disgust because they are so funny.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

After the storm

when Jessie , Matthew and Sam went to to go and get some pine cones there was a den and there were heaps of pine cone and Sam said wait there is a another pine cone but it was a kitten skull it was so sad and Jessie
said put it back now then she ran back home when they had the fire jessie was still sad but then mattaw, Sam and there dad made her happy by saying lets decorate the den

Equalising Fractions

W.A.L.T : Identify and compare fractions