Tuesday, 28 April 2015

holiday highlight

In the holiday I went with my Aunty ,Uncle and Cousin to rost word and we all got a combo then when we got it we went and got kiwiyo. When we were finished eating we went to.look at cars .we saw one that was black and was a seven seated.It was a good car for us like when we trail so we bought the car and the people that were working there said that we were going to take the car next week but then we got to take the car on the first day we bought it .my Aunty didn't know and when I told her she was so happy.

And when I came back from going out I helped my nana cook and we were making butter and chicken . On Thursday I went to go and see my aunty and cousins and my little cousin . He is just a small baby he is like around 10 days old or more and we got some staff to eat there too and when we were there he was asleep but then for like 20 second he woke up and then we pick him up and then he started crying then when I holed him he kind of  stopped crying . But when he cry’s  there are  no tear’s that came out.

On Friday I was just relaxing  and sitting on the couch with my family and we were watching the dead lands it was a cool movie when the movie was finish we watched coraline but I watched it with my cousin and we made our breakfast that was egg mushroom sausages and orange juice then I went and was watching ever after high with m
y cousin skye. Then we went to the shop and got junk then we watched the book of life.

my favorite part of my holiday was going with my aunty , cousin and uncle. because it was fun and it was only me my  aunty , cousin and uncle.  

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